Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pasting tools

Edit: Right now(December 2013) Lodge It is down and I'm using https://gist.github.com/ which has awesome syntax highlighting and allows to edit files and fork snippets.

Today I needed to send 5 LOC (lines of code) to my colleague to discuss some solution. This is that type of changes you don't want to just "commit", rather to discuss to omit later refactoring. So I made that silly thing and paste it to chat window. But after that that start to looking for some internal solution for such situation. Of course, I found one, but after that I started to looking on the Internet. This is a short list what interesting I found.

Lodge It
I really liked that tool. It has some cool features:

  • paste reply's
  • history log
  • reply notification
You can find more on: http://paste.pocoo.org/about/. Support for vim and command line is also cool.
But what is the most important: clean and easy interface.
What is also interesting, project is open source, so you can download and modify, and host yourself.

And the last thing if you look for a perfect solution for yourself:

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